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Actress Erin Maloney reportedly auditioned for the role of Nico Robin for Netflix’s One Piece Live Action

Reports recently surfaced that actress Erin Maloney has auditioned for the role of Nico Robin for the upcoming One Piece live action season 2 which will be streaming on Netflix!

More photos of the American actress after the cut.


For me, she really does look the part of the Strawhats’ resident archeologist and Hana Hana no Mi devil fruit user and an integral part of the Water 7 story arc. Before we get to her arc though, the crew we’ve met in the first season will have to go and befriend Vivi as well as well take in the crew’s doctor, Tony Tony Chopper. They also need to liberate the country of Alabasta and Inaki Godoy’s Monkey D. Luffy then has to go toe to toe with the sand-based devil fruit user and Baroque Works leader Sir Crocodile.


She’s also into cosplay as seen in her Instagram account with her most recent cosplay being Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden

What do you think of this bit of news? Think we already have OPLA Nico Robin in the works? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

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