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Character Breakdown for Netflix’s Iron Fist

The Hashtag Show managed to get a hold of what they claim is a character breakdown sheet for Marvel and Netflix’s IRON FIST.


Here’s the breakdown for the characters set to appear in IRON FIST:

DEVON: 25 – 30, male, Asian, East Indian, Pacific Islander, etc., handsome, effortlessly-powerful, an intelligent, thoughtful warrior. Also asking for TALENT with MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING / EXPERIENCE (series regular)
JODY 25 – 30, female, Caucasian, highly-educated, logical, compassionate. (series regular)
WALTER 30 — 35, male, Caucasian, intelligent and insecure, brilliant in the office but has a ruthless streak. (series regular)

Please take note that these are actually not their names on the show, however the first letter for each character is the true initial for the character.

all new all different marvel iron fist and power man

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Earlier this month Netflix announced that Game of Thrones’ Finn Jones has been cast as Danny Rand which rounds up the street level heroes that could band themselves to become the Defenders still for Marvel and Netflix.

finn jones iron fist

Credits: The Hashtag Show

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