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Godzilla vs Atom Smasher – Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong # 3

Godzilla vs Atom Smasher officially happens in Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong # 3 by writer Brian Buccellato with art by Christian Duce

One fun moment that I didn’t think I’d like to see in this miniseries from DC Comics would be a few pages of big fight between the JSA’s Atom Smasher and the G-Man himself but here it is.

In issue 3 of the Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong, we see Billy Batson cradling a badly burned and beaten Superman with Godzilla fast approaching them. Billy is too affected by Superman’s “death” that he couldn’t utter the words “Shazam” to change to his alter ego, Captain Marvel Shazam. Then before Godzilla can come any closer, Atom Smasher appears to save the day.

Atom Smasher is strong enough to push Godzilla away from where Superman is laid out and immediately begins to pummel the Titan, which also wakes up an unconscious Hawkgirl nearby. She flies to where Superman is while the fight continues in Metropolis. Godzilla quickly gets his second wind and uses its tail as a whip to take out Atom Smasher.


Sadly for Atom Smasher, Godzilla proved to be the true winner in this fight and Billy Batson getting ready to fight.

Honestly though I actually liked this segment of the issue 3 not only do we get recent DC Comics and DCEU character who made an appearance in the silverscreen including Shazam: Fury of the Gods and Black Adam.

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