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The Boys Season 4 Key Visuals

Prime Video has released the first two The Boys Season 4 Key Visuals featuring main characters Homelander and Billy Butcher.

Check out the full key Visuals after the cut.

Above you’ll see the visual featuring Homelander (Anthony Starr) with his new status quo after the ending of the third season with the leader of The Seven killing a civilian in cold blood and caught on video.

We also have below the leader of The Boys, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) looking forlorn and in the middle of a party that seemingly ended already with the confetti on the floor and balloons too.

This could be something that relates to the end of the party or it could be the beginning of the end for these federal agents. Also the latest season will tie in heavily with the events of Gen V which recently concluded. So you better brush up on your Gen V episodes.

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