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Cebu Literary Festival Issues Apology after online flak including those lazy replies to queries

Cebu Literary Festival or Cebu LitFest issues an apology on their Facebook page after a number of issues arose regarding the event and communicating with the team.

The event was supposed to be a fun event with different artisans and creatives in Cebu gathering to connect with fans and of course selling their products. But during the event, there were a bunch of online posts that got shared about the location of the event. Then after Cebu LitFest, a number of screenshots were also shared of how their communication team responded to inquiries relating to the event both from attendees and the exhibitors; that one got a lot of shares too. This prompted a response from the organizers which you can read HERE.

First of all, we want to say sorry for the experience we provided last weekend. That was clearly not the success we hoped, envisioned, and expected it to be. We realize that a number of aspects and situations could and should have been handled better. We’ve been listening to feedback and we’ve taken into account the biggest concerns: the change of venue, the smaller space, cramped layout, the challenging logistics, along with the less-than-professional email replies on our end.
We realize that we have lost a lot of your trust and confidence in us during this time. We completely understand, given our recent actions and decisions. The team is committed to learning from these shortcomings and is making comprehensive improvements for future events—whether through reduced size for better manageability or a return to the simpler, more focused events—striving to provide the best for the artisan and storytelling community we have cultivated over the years. We assure you also that we will address our communication approach to ensure it aligns with the professionalism and respect you deserve.
Thank you for hearing us out. We hope you will give us the chance to come back from this experience, and we look forward to hosting you better in a more suitable venue and in a more professional manner in the future.

More details as to why our Cebuano friends and bros are upset with the event…

This one got me when I was initially reading through the GalitFest posts. Poorly written, lazy and arrogant response from the comms team.

Parang tamad na Gen Z na ewan.

My only other input for this is that the organizers really need to listen more to what the fanbase and crowd are saying. Hopefully this will be resolved or truly fixed before next year’s Litfest.

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