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City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust Review

Here’s my City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust Review which is now playing in cinemas from Encore Films PH and Warner Bros Pictures.

Check out the trailer below:

So while I’m familiar with City Hunter as an anime series and the misadventures and pervy machinations of lead character Ryo Saeba, I’m definitely intrigued with this animated film series and I’m happy to report for this review.

The structure of the movie is very similar to each and every episode of the anime series all the while getting stretched to hit the prescribed running time to call it a movie. And every second of it is fun, wacky and occasionally gut-wrenching for some of the key players in the film. Everything that we love is also here in the film from the “mokkori man” himself, to the lewd and pervy comments by Saeba, to the comedic reaction of Ryo’s partner and that iconic massive hammer she uses to snap him out of his pervy ways.

In terms of animation, I can say that it’s top-notch. No amount was spared in animating each and every moment of this flick especially that high-octane chase scene in the middle of the film.

If you’re coming in blind to City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust, don’t worry if you feel like you’re not up to speed as the writing makes sure that even novices and new fans can understand what is happening. You can actually understand the whole film with just the trailer alone. No need to check out other episodes online. Just go in (to your nearest SM Cinema no less) and watch the film and enjoy.

And it is enjoyable for a number of reasons. It has a good amount of punching and shooting, it’s got the right drama and mystery with Ryo’s “father” Shin Kaibara. There’s a little bit of progress with the relationship between Ryo and his partner Kaori too.

And just like other anime specials and features, expect one-off characters here and it’s in the form of “Angie”, one of Kaibara’s adopted “kids” with a chip on her shoulders and one who has also taken the titular Angel Dust which was designed to amplify and improve a person’s combat ability for a short period of time with their lives in exchange. And guess what, that same Angel Dust gets a significant role for the ending for the series.

The cameos from other anime and manga series are also lovely for this feature. Everyone from Cat’s Eye to Lupin III makes an appearance here, giving this interesting “shared universe” concept that I really want to see in the near future.

Overall, “City Hunter the Movie” was a rollicking good time. Highly recommended if you want to take a break from whatever popular anime you’re watching. It’s got a solid story and slick animation.

Catch City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust in SM Cinemas nationwide

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