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McFarlane Collector Edition Wave 3 reveals includes Captain Carrot, Return of Superman and Green Lantern Batman

McFarlane Toys has dropped the first look at upcoming figures for the McFarlane Collector Edition Wave 3 and it features some promising figures including Captain Carrot, Green Lantern Batman and 90s Superman.

Let’s check them out after the cut.

Captain Carrot

This looks great especially since they did the Infinite Frontier Captain Carrot who also appeared as a member of the multiversal Justice League.

Green Lantern Batman

This Batman figure I really like. This Green Lantern Batman came from the critically acclaimed Geoff Johns run of Green Lantern in a solo story featuring Hal Jordan and Bruce Wayne. By the end of the issue, Jordan lends Batman the Green Lantern power ring for him to try on and we get this cool looking version of Batman.

Return of Superman Superman

Last of the new reveals is this version of Superman from the 90s, particularly after the “Return of Superman” storyline where Clark Kent returns from the dead and stops the plans of Mongul and Cyborg Superman. We know this is the 90s version too because of the mullet hairstyle.

According to the McFarlane Toys social media, the preorders for these figures would begin November 15 so if you want these, you better be ready to hit the pre-order button or contact your toy seller if you’re here in the Philippines.

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