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Big Boys Toy Store Hits It Big with the Pop-Tastic Sale 

Big Boys Toy Store just finished a successful Funko Pop Vinyl sale this weekend at the Theater Mall in Greenhills with a huge turnover of shoppers.

Uy Pop Sale!

The Christmas sale specifically sold Funko Pop figures at discounted prices and in “bundle” format starting at 3 for 1000 php. Some pop figures were even sold at Php200 in some cases. 

According to the owners of Big Boys Toy Store, the attention the sale got from shoppers was unprecedented. It was quite a treat for them to see new people diving into the throngs looking for Pop! figures of their favorite characters from various popculture shows and franchises like Game of Thrones, Avengers and Adventure Time.

My Pop hauls from this sale

The Pop-tastic Sale didnt just get collectors flocking to Theater Mall, it also had families getting into the frenzy. Moms, dads and kids all had a grand time digging into to Funko products on sale.

Mom: Bumili nanaman kayo nang laruan?!?!

Jeff Mendoza says

We’re happy with how the sale went down and even happier thatbwe are getting new people into the hobby of collecting Funko Pop figures. 

Meanwhile Sean Madrazo teases something similar down the road.

The turnout was more than what we had expected so we will definitely try out more of these “pocket sales” in 2017 and beyond.

Missed the Pop sale? Don’t worry as this coming weekend has the Christmas Toycon opening its doors.

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