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A Big Welcome Back to Spider-Man’s Web Wings

Remember that time when Spider-Man’s costume incorporated “web wings”? Great times. Then we all forgot about it and now thanks to the upcoming MCU film Spider-Man: Homecoming, the web wings are back!

Spidey’s Web Wings from the trailer

So by now it’s safe to assume that every single one in the internet already saw the first trailer of Spider man homecoming. From the teaser to the full trailer, the hype is really really real.

Putting aside Tony Stark’s attempt of being a father figure / mentor and Michael Keaton showing us he wanted wings real bad as Vulture, we were greated with an old familiar friend that made us wanting for more.

And yes, that would be the “web wings”. While most fans of the Maguire’s and Garfield’s incarnation of the web-slinger doesn’t have this gadget, hardcore fans would recognize it at a moment’s notice.

It all started back in 1962 when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko first created Spider-Man that they included the web-wings as they illustrated spidey as thinner and more agile that Ditko added the “wings” as an added feature to help him glide whenever he needs to get away fast. But mostly, it’s just an accent.

Spider-Man versus Vulture from ASM # 3 and Amazing Fantasy # 15

Over the years and multitudes of artists illustrating Peter parker and his alter ego, evolution forgot about these wings, except for Todd McFarlane of course.

spider-man # 1 cover

Todd McFarlane cover for Spider-Man # 1


X-force and Spider-Man

Not did only comics forgot about it, costume designers for both Spider-man incarnations on the big screen forgot to add them, too.

Tobey Maguire from the Sam Raimi trilogy


Andrew Garfield in Amazing Spider-Man 2

All hope was lost until Spider-woman and Spider-man 2099 incorporated the design and used it effectively in battle and travel.

Yes, they glided properly and Spider-woman did it regularly.

As for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the wings make a victorious homecoming as Tom Holland takes the mantle of the awkward years of Peter Parker as he starts to take on the life of a crime fighter and a high school student.

With the high probability that the wings was Tony’s countermeasure against the Vulture, we can all say that it’s not just Peter Parker feeling the pressure of having dual identities but also Tom Holland as he takes on a beloved character under his wing. Spider-Man : Homecoming is scheduled to hit theaters on July 7.

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