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Star Wars Episode IX Leaked Poster Shows Us a LOT

The recent Star Wars Episode IX leaked poster proved to be a treasure trove of new information and speculation including the possible death of Chewbacca?

There’s a lot of things to take here in this Star Wars Episode IX leaked poster. As mentioned above, we have C3P0 carrying Chewbacca’s signature weapon, his bowcaster, as well as his pouch.

At the same time, that could be wrong as we also actually see Chewbacca in the poster beside another unknown alien.

We have red First Order troopers, which are now under Kylo Ren’s control. But that doesn’t mean the Stormtroopers in white have been ditched. These troopers are also seen in this new poster.

The Knights of Ren as also making an appearance here. These guys were visibly absent in “The Last Jedi” so director J.J. Abrams brought them back for this final installment.

We badly need a hi-res version of this. Disney better do something about this leak too.


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