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Sinestro’s and General Zod’s sons team up as the Sinister Sons set to appear in Green Lantern # 7

While the Super Sons are currently absent in the DCU there’s a new duo that’s set to debut in the pages of Green Lantern # 7 and they call themselves the Sinister Sons.

Check out the full cover after the cut.

Green Lantern #7

  • Release Date: 1/9/24
  • Writers: Jeremy Adams and Peter J. Tomasi
  • Artists: Dale Eaglesham and David Lafuente
  • Cover Artist: Edwin Galmon
  • Variant Cover Artists: Evan “Doc” Shaner, David Lafuente, Jorge Fornes
  • Plot: After his explosive confrontation with Sinestro, Green Lantern is confronted by the United Planets Lanterns for illegally operating within the quarantine zone, and the mystery of what took place on Korugar is finally revealed! PLUS: THE FINALE TO THE ORIGIN OF SINSON, AND THE LEAD-IN TO THE NEW SINISTER SONS SERIES!

The mysterious Korugaran named “Korg” appeared in Green Lantern # 4 and claimed to be Sinestro’s kid and has definitely gone on his own adventure to prove that he’s the villain’s kid. Meanwhile we haven’t seen Lor Zod for a while and this maybe a good thing.

I’m hoping to see some good stuff when Sinister Sons hits stores soon!

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