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Uncanny Avengers # 1 – Captain Krakoa returns

Here’s a spoiler post for Uncanny Avengers # 1 as we see the remaining mutants on Earth try to find a way to avenge the dead mutants now with Captain America’s help.

So in case you’re confused Orchis managed to kill the mutants of Krakoa including the new X-Men and blackmail Charles Xavier to send them through a gate that will exile them to Earth. Weeks in and we see that the mutants that resisted Xavier’ s telepathic manipulation have gone underground and Emma Frost has been the leader of this mutant resistance working with both Iron Man Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin.

Steve Rogers has also brought back the Avengers Unity Squad composed of both Avengers and X-Men. This new team is composed of:

  • Captain America
  • Rogue
  • Deadpool
  • Quicksilver
  • Penance
  • Psylocke / Kwannon

And their first order of business is to stop the new Captain Krakoa who has been parading around as a mutant killing humans and tarnishing the mutant name for good. Previously this was Scott Summers aka Cyclops wearing a suit that augments humans and gives them superhuman abilities. This new Captain Krakoa however seems to be a villain that’s kept under lock and key for a while now. ORCHIS baddies Doctor Stasis and MODOK break this mysterious guy out of stasis and gives him the Captain Krakoa suit.

And when this mystery person woke up, they set him up to do a number of things including kill humans in Washington DC to show that mutants are fighting back thereby giving ORCHIS a stronger reason to prohibit mutants…


And he also convinces a number of mutants to join his new Mutant Liberation Front including the Fenris Twins whom he broke out from Krakoa.

And then confronting the Uncanny Avengers…

Where the issue ends with Captain Krakoa breaking Captain America’s arm…

This should be an interesting read considering they even mentioned that volume of Uncanny Avengers where evil Captain America / HYDRA Cap manipulated Wade Wilson to do his bidding, even ordering him to assassinate people that don’t agree with the New World Order that Captain America built.

So maybe that could also tie up to the mysterious new Captain Krakoa, the evil Captain America who survived the end of Secret Empire and was never used again.

What do you think?

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