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X-Men # 7 spoilers – how Cyclops died (again) and the creation of Captain Krakoa

Things are moving a little faster with this week’s issue of X-Men by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz as we get to see how Cyclops died (again) and how Captain Krakoa came to be! Spoilers for X-Men # 7 incoming!

So the general context for this new version of the X-Men is that they have established themselves as an actual superteam operating in New York city as a way to foster good relationship between the US and Krakoa. Through the succeeding issues there’s a subplot about a mysterious villain called Dr. Stasis who is working for ORCHIS and at the same time looking to unlock the secrets of mutant resurrection. He’s the guy that fed Ben Urich information about Cyclops already being dead and then turning back alive again. His first official move against the X-Men was sending his hybrid humans to cause trouble in NYC.

The X-Men respond although they are a few members short with Jean Grey, Rogue and Polaris off in space for another mission. So the remaining mutants to respond are Cyclops, Wolverine, Synch and Sunfire.

Things are doing well until Dr. Stasis asks his assistant to get involved. The assistant threatens a baby which Cyclops saves at the cost of getting mortally wounded.

Dr. Stasis arrives on the scene pretending to be a paramedic and goads Cyclops by telling him where to find him.

Before finally putting him out of his misery.

Wolverine / Laura Kinney arrives too late for Cyclops and Stasis leaves.

Later we see Cyclops returning to life at Arbor Magna and gets a nice talk with Emma Frost about what has happened.

Emma doesn’t want to talk about it and instead calls Jumbo Carnation and Forge to meet with the Quiet Council. There they show Cyclops the Captain Krakoa suit for the first time.

Cyclops and Jean talk about what’s happening with him believing they are waging a war with an unknown enemy and that enemy is getting closer and closer to the truth about the mutants and their secret to resurrection.

Back with Dr. Stasis, the mysterious doctor reveals that he has kept the clothes that Cyclops wore when he “died”.

I really hope that they speed things up for this book. I do enjoy the pacing but it wouldn’t hurt if they make the book’s pacing a little faster.

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