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All of Us Dead S1E1 Review (Advance Review)

So here’s my All of Us Dead S1E1 Review which will air later on Netflix starring Yoon Chan-young as Lee Chung-san, Park Ji-hoo as Nam On-jo, Cho Yi-hyun as Choi Nam-ra, Park Solomon as Lee Soo-hyuk, Yoo In-soo as Yoon Gwi-nam and Lee Yoo-mi as Lee Na-yeon (Ji-Yeong from Squid Game)


So the plot here is pretty much like the classic anime Highschool of the Dead only its set in Korea and there are no gravity-defying bewbies running around. Most of the stuff are believable too and its really the horror of being stuck in a school with a horde of undead classmates and teachers trying to get you.

But if there’s anything I learned from Korean zombie stuff like Train to Busan and Kingdom; its that they are really good at either setting the tone or setting the stakes. Usually in Western zombies, its bare minimum characterization. For All of Us Are Dead S1E1, it was a slow burn till we hit the final moments of the episode and that’s where we know the deaths and scares have already piled up. Actually come to think of it, they tried to make a deeper connection with Army of the Dead but that failed but it was still damn good.


There’s so much characters that get introduced here and they actually fill the tropes for a good zombie movie. There’s the friends that have feelings for each other; there’s the class outcast, the vile bully, the apathetic class president and the good looking class hunk and asshole who did all of this. I really did appreciate the length they took to make the audience see what they were up to before the zombies overtook their school.


While its an engaging episode, it’s chockfull of classic stuff we’ve seen in past horror flicks like a crazy scientist who wants revenge. We do know that the series took great stride in giving us the catalyst for really losing his marbles which was the initial bullying of his son. From those little things, it just snowballs and the next thing you know our characters are trying to survive in a school full of zombies.

Frights and Scares

Episode 1 didn’t bring the scares and thrills but that’s ok because they really made sure they spent an entire hour to flesh out the characters. It was creepy to see the first few students and faculty lose their humanity to become zombies.


The visuals are top notch. Those squirmy things on the zombies are definitely creepy but in relation to the story I liked it because these zombies are once again science based so they took the time to really show us how fast a healthy person turns and those close up shots help give us a look at the virus or the parasite that takes over the host.

I liked how they ended the first episode with and its something that will make you go straight to the next episode. Hopefully they don’t drop the ball in the succeeding episodes I had fun with S1E1.


Overall, I liked the first episode of All of us are dead. Its typical zombie fare and it gives us characters with backstories. Plus I can’t wait to see the comeuppance for that a-hole bully. I’d probably cheer and open a beer when I see that happen. Unless they want to extend this more into three seasons then we can kiss that bully death to later seasons. Definitely its a show worthy of your time. Go watch it as it premieres in a few hours on Netflix!

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