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The Most-Awaited Crossover to the PBA Esports Bakbakan: Streetballers

The PBA Esports Bakbakan: StreetBallers press conference was successfully held last Saturday, September 16, 2023, at Dark League Studios. This event celebrates the Filipino spirit through a unique blend of sports and mobile gaming.

In attendance were Carlo Giron and AC Valdenor from Dark League Studios, along with LJ Peniera and Jason Dayrit from PlayPark.


Back in May, StreetBallers by PlayPark stole the show with a surprise celebrity “tatluhan” showmatch featuring PBA players Jared Dilinger and Jerrick Ahanmisi, esports influencers Yuri Gaming and Chin Valdez, and special guests Altina and Althea Vibal during the halftime show of the PBA Esports Bakbakan: Mobile Legends Bang Bang Grand Finals.

After that match, StreetBallers announced that they would be joining forces with PBA Esports Bakbakan to be one of the next games in the tournament.

Game promotions began in July, and the response from participants was overwhelming. A lot of the participants come from Visayas, particularly Iloilo, and from around Luzon, including Pampanga, Bangas, and Occidental Mindoro. However, only the 16 best teams advanced to the next stage, where they battled it out during the Eliminations on September 2, 2023. Now, the top 8 teams have emerged: MINANA, HGL – HAPPY GO LUCKIES, BATANG 90S, MNN, DIABLO OVLORD, TRIPLE THREAT, and SOUTHSTARS. This diverse group of competitors spans ages 20 to 37, proving that StreetBallers knows no age limits!

PBA Esports Bakbakan: StreetBallers promises to be a captivating spectacle, showcasing grassroots communities with their impressive gaming skills and exceptional teamwork. This perfect fusion of basketball sports and mobile basketball games puts aspiring athletes to the test in the world of esports.

Watch out for the last double eliminations broadcast September 23, 2023 that will be live-streamed via the PBA Esports page. The grand finals are scheduled for September 30 and will be an on-site event held at the Dark League Studios HQ, also live-streamed via PBA Esports. Join us then as we celebrate and witness this most-awaited crossover event: the PBA Esports Bakbakan: StreetBallers grand finals!

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