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Avengers # 22 Spoilers – Ice Age Iron Man?

Jason Aaron and his crew are starting to connect the current Avengers with the Avengers 10,000,000 BC characters in a subtle way; by showing off an “Ice Age Iron Man” in the pages of Avengers # 22.

This issue, Avengers # 22, was written by Jason Aaron with art by Stefano Casselli.

The bigger story here is the actual exorcism of the new Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, but let’s look at the side story brewing here and that involves the fallout from War of the Realms and a connection to the prehistoric Avengers team that debuted way back in Marvel Legacy # 1. In this segment from Avengers # 22, we find Okoye, Thor and Iron Man in Turkey. The two have been summoned by Okoye to look at something interesting.

Apparently, Okoye found something right up on Iron Man’s alley.

Remember folks, there’s a longer story at play here for something that Aaron is still developing, a big war that ties back to this volume’s first story arc and how the Avengers battled a threat that almost wiped them all including the prehistoric Ghost Rider and his cute little mammoth ride.

I’m all for this. And also, the big three missing in the prehistoric Avengers team is a big no-no. Looks like Jason Aaron plans on doing something about that; or at least have 2/3 of the Big Three have some sort of representation in that story his brewing.

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