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McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Zero Hour Hawkman Official Images

Here’s a look at the upcoming McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Zero Hour Hawkman Official Images under the DC Multiverse toy line


According to various stores online, this McFarlane Toys Zero Hour Hawkman is set for release October 2023 and is currently on pre-order for around $30. Check out more photos down below:

Product Description:

DC McFarlane Collector Edition Wave 2 Hawkman Zero Hour 7-Inch Scale Action Figure:

The DC McFarlane Collector Edition series of action figures brings back the classic looks of heroes and villains across DC Comics! The DC McFarlane Collector Edition Wave 2 Hawkman Zero Hour 7-Inch Scale Action Figure includes his mace, exclusive card stand, and display base. Also included is a collectible art card with a character biography on the back. Fully articulated, the limited-edition figure is showcased in premium window box packaging.

Since the days of World War II, there has always been an imposing figure with majestic wings and a striking bird-shaped helmet, brandishing ancient weaponry and standing alongside Earth’s greatest heroes in its time of need. A fierce warrior without equal, the hero known as Hawkman has been a human being trapped in an ancient Egyptian curse of endless death and rebirth, and at other times, an alien police officer sent to Earth to help defend it. Sometimes, he’s even been a combination of both.

Surprise! Surprise! This very special item might have limited variants randomly inserted throughout the production run. If extra lucky, you could potentially receive one of these highly sought-after ultra-rare collectibles when you order this item! Please note that we cannot accept requests for specific variants upon ordering, nor can we accept returns of opened items. And the item you receive may be slightly different from the standard edition pictured. Some attached images may include a picture of the prized variant.


About Zero Hour

“Zero Hour: Crisis in Time!” is a comic book crossover storyline published by DC Comics in 1994, consisting of an eponymous five-issue limited series written and drawn by Dan Jurgens[1] and a number of tie-in books.

In the storyline, Hal Jordan, a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps, goes mad with grief after the destruction of his home town of Coast City during the “Reign of the Supermen!” storyline and attempts to destroy and remake the DC Universe after having obtained immense power as Parallax. The issues of the limited series were numbered in reverse order, beginning with issue #4 and ending with #0.[1] The crossover involved almost every DC Universe monthly series published at the time.


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