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Insidious The Red Door Review

Here’s my Insidious The Red Door review which is now playing in cinemas and released locally by Columbia Pictures Philippines.

The film is directed by Patrick Wilson who also stars in this together with Rose Byrne and Ty Simpkins.


Turns out not everything had a happy ending by the second Insidious movie and the Lambert family is left in shambles. Patriarch Josh Lambert has divorced with his wife Renai (Rose Byrne) while Dalton (Ty Simpkins) has left for college. And after the ending of the last film, everything has crumbled. I gotta say that I like the whole idea of setting the movie years after the last one keeping an air of mystery to it while still giving us viewers both something familiar and new.

Overall the film is a big nostalgia trip which takes all the good stuff from the past Insidious films and connecting them to the current narrative to mixed results. While most of the movie was suspenseful, it was filled with ho-hum stuff and lacked a lot of the jumpscares that it got wildly popular for. Yes Insidious 3 had jump scares but it was quantity over quality for this one. That said, the effects and creepiness of the film shines bright. We have to give credit to the film’s main antagonist, the Lipstick faced demon for keeping us at the edge of our seats.

Patrick Wilson in Screen Gems Insidious: The Red Door

Kudos also to Patrick Wilson as a director because while it’s not as stellar as the first or as shocking as the second one it holds its own. Plus Wilson knows what to do and you can see it in the way they do those really suspense-filled scenes. Ok acting for the rest of the cast led by an all grown up Ty Simpkins as well as Rose Byrne. Could have been better but still ok.

In terms of story and narrative, the film did an OK job of fleshing a third story while wrapping it up to past beats from the other two Insidious movies including the fate of Josh’s father. I did wish that they kinda of fleshed out more of the backstories for the main characters. My main concern here is that there are a lot of people who may be left scratching their heads when they sit down and watch this without any previous knowledge about the past “Insidious” movies.

There’s also a nice appearance of Lin Shay and a post-credit scene which teases us a future for this film franchise. But if you ask me, I would rather they already end the franchise because the way they ended it here was pretty good.

Verdict : 7/10

Special thanks to Columbia Pictures!!!

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