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SING Movie Review

We’re doing the SING movie review right and it stars Taron Egerton, Matthew McConaughey, Seth McFarlane and Scarlett Johansson to name a few. Opens January 4, 2017 from UIP and Columbia Pictures Philippines

This animated film is pretty much the story of a theater owner wanting to make his theater relevant once again and to do so, he has to run a singing competition with five hopefuls with their own set of problems but with incredible singing talents.

Pretty much.

Still what makes the movie such an interesting flick is how they presented the story. It might be a little confusing for the kids that the narrative goes back and forth between characters, its definitely interesting for the older viewers.

Sing utilizes a wide variety of modern and classic songs to make it livelier. You’ll never see a movie that uses songs from Frank Sinatra AND Carly Rae Jepsen.

The character beats are just OK and they don’t really stand out, nor do they have because they are looking for light-hearted kids movie and not Oscar winning piece. We also loved how they try to stick to good ol’ character development such as how Ash realizes she’s better off with her egomaniacal, two-timing boyfriend and how Johnny starts as wanting the cash to stop his dad from committing crimes and discovering that he wants singing because he just wants to.

Or how Tori Kelly’s Neena slowly but surely moves away from her shyness and closes the film with a stomping song.

Seth McFarlane as a mousy ehrmm mouse with a mean Frank Sinatra voice is something too. But he definitely owns being an asshole. Great job. He also stands as one that might ruin the film with more adult themes including dealing with Russian mobsters and cheating them, we could have done really with this character. Really.

Overall, we loved SING and its a shame they didn’t hype up the movie because its a great animated flick.

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