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BINI’s “Podcast Ng Mga Walang Jowa” A Cozy Chat on Love and Situationship among Friends

P-pop girl group BINI shares their thoughts on love and situationship in the online show “Podcast Ng Mga Walang Jowa” which is now streaming on Spotify.

For the first time, members of the nation’s girl group Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena are taking a break from performing to open up about navigating love and ‘situational experiences,’ which Aiah described as “parang very taboo siya ‘di ba to talk about for our ‘idol life.’”

Jhoanna, on the other hand, expressed her elation for the opportunity to normalize discussion about love being both P-pop idols and humans themselves.

“Masaya kasi nabigyan tayo ng chance. Let’s normalize this topic. Yes idol tayo pero tao din tayo, nai-inlove din tayo,” she said.

Everyone is invited to eavesdrop on the girls’ intimate conversations through the new podcast, which BINI considers to be a breather from their busy lives.

“We’re used to singing and dancing and moving around, [but] this time it’s more laidback,” said Aiah.

“Usap lang talaga. Parang wala tayong audience. It’s just you and me,” said Jhoanna.

In its first episode titled “Sino ang TOTGA mo?,” Jhoanna and Aiah shared their personal definition of love while Aiah opened up about her ‘the one that got away’ experience.

Colet and Maloi meanwhile spoke about their thoughts on traditional and modern-day love and courtship in the podcast’s second episode called “Ano ang pinagkaiba ng old school love sa Gen Z love?

The third episode, titled “Are you gaslighting me?,” was led by Sheena and Gwen who discussed a hot topic among young people today, gaslighting or psychological manipulation and toxicity in relationships.

Mikha and Stacey led last Thursday’s episode called “So, ano tayo?” which tackles situationships, ghosting, zombieing, and other terminologies commonly used by Gen Zs today.

Check out the first four episodes of BINI’s “Podcast Ng Mga Walang Jowa” now streaming on Spotify and catch new episodes dropping every Thursday at 10am. The latest podcast episode is also uploaded on BINI Official channel on YouTube every Monday at 4pm.

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