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Genshin Impact Leaks – Hydro Dragon /Neuvillette Kit details and rumors

We got some Genshin Impact leaks focusing on the Hydro Dragon aka Neuvillette.


According to various sources the character is supposed to be the human version of the hydro Dragon which we will eventually meet as we explore Fontaine in Genshin Impact version 4 and beyond.

He is also said to be working closely with or has an attachment to the Hydro Archon of Fontaine known currently as Focalors.

But at this moment all of this is still considered rumors so we would take all of this with a grain of salt.

One final thing we can discuss on this Neuvillette post is that he could either be a claymore user or a catalyst user with obviously hydro element. The initial leak of him being a claymore user has also been previously debunked and majority of leakers online seem to think that he’s now a Catalyst user.

And that’s really the weird thing about Genshin Impact and their characters. You’d think that they would be using one element only to find out that it’s another weapon class entirely. Just take a look at what happened with Raiden Shogun aka Ei in Genshin Impact version 2 onwards. We were expecting her to be a sword user because of her fabulous elemental burst only to be hit with the realization that she’s a polearm user.

Most recently we had Kaveh who looks like a Catalyst user but turned out to be a claymore user which was kinda cool.

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  1. August 14, 2023

    […] Neuvillette was previously leaked a couple of weeks ago with some speculation about what he is and what he can do but today, Hoyoverse has finally revealed new details for this husbando. […]

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