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Becky Lynch pays tribute to classic X-Men/ X-Force character in Money in the Bank 2023

“The Man” Becky Lynch made a lot of X-Men fans happy when she appeared in the WWE PLE (premium live event) Money in the Bank 2023 wearing ring gear resembling the X-Man and X-Force member Siryn.

She went into the ring for a match against a number of her peers including her recent nemesis Trish Stratus, Io Shirai aka Io Sky, Bayley, Zoey Starks and Zelina Vega.

Lynch was in London at the 02 Stadium so she had to dress up for the occasion and she totally looked great in her Siryn gear. She also did a number of TV appearances together with her husband and Captain America: Brave New World star Seth Rollins.

Unfortunately for Lynch she was unsuccessful in getting the briefcase as she was handcuffed towards the end to another former friend and fellow 4 Horsewomen, Bayley by Io Sky. But she did get a few awesome moments in the match.

Funny thing about this wardrobe is the fact that most people didn’t get who she was wearing with most thinking it was either Jean Grey or her daughter Rachel Grey. But most X-Fans were clear to point out that she was wearing the costume of Siryn because why the hell not, she’s a redhead and Irish too. That makes perfect sense correct?

Who is Siryn?


Siryn is Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy and the daughter of Sean Cassidy aka Banshee and the niece of Krakoa’s current greenskeeper, Black Tom Cassidy. She was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Steve Leialoha, the character first appeared in Spider-Woman #37 (April 1981). We briefly see her in the Hellfire Gala where she pairs up with Dazzler to provide the fireworks that ends the night’s celebration. She’s also previously been romantically involved with characters like Jamie Madrox aka the Multiple Man as well as Deadpool for a little while. Plus before the House of X and the mutants going to Krakoa she was the most recent incarnation of the Morrigan, a supernatural being in Irish folklore.

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