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WWE’s Seth Rollins joins cast of Captain America: New World Order

New photo has emerged from the set of Marvel’s Captain America: New World Order featuring CrossFit Jesus himself, Seth Rollins.

According to various sources Rollins would be playing a member of the Serpent Society which isn’t really a big help considering how many snake-themed villains there are in the group.

What I want to comment on is how good the Architect looks in his costume. It doesn’t even resemble any of the costumes for the SS.

But I don’t think Rollins would have a lot of scenes for a number of reasons. For starters he’s a regular on WWE TV so being away for a show is a big no-no. He could appear and do a prolonged fight scene with Anthony Mackie aka the former Falcon and new Cap. And that could be a day or two of shooting at most.

Just like what we got in the Russo Brother’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier where we saw GSP fight Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers.

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