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SM Mall of Asia invited Voltes V Legacy’s Prince Zardoz and Zandra to watch a movie

Here’s a cute promotional post from the SM Mall of Asia official Facebook page in collaboration with GMA 7’s ongoing Voltes V Legacy series.

They actually got the actors playing Prince Zardoz and Zandra to watch a movie in their Director’s Club cinema together with two Boazanians soldiers flanking them.

And yes the Boazanians guards had their own moment too while actors Martin Del Rosario and Liezel Lopez were also pretty sweet in-character.

There’s no real big Voltes V Legacy event happening but they just probably wanted to promote both the primetime show and the cinema.

Have to admit this was pretty cool to look at.

You can catch Voltes V Legacy on GMA and on YouTube at 8pm weekdays. The series stars Miguel Tanfelix, Radson Flores, Ysabel Ortega and more.

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