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First Look at Voltes V Legacy featuring Martin Del Rosario as Prince Zardoz

Here’s a still image from the upcoming Voltes V Legacy featuring Prince Zardos played by Martin Del Rosario.

In the aforementioned photo we also see Liezel Lopez as Zandra and Carlo Gonzales as Draco! I’ll reserve judgement till they release the first episode of the show on GMA-7 which has been licensed and greenlit by Sunrise and Toei Company.

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I do want to commend the director, Mark A. Reyes, for sharing stuff from behind the scenes. In his Instagram post, he recently shared a look at the chroma’ed backdrop for the cockpit scenes with the Voltes team as well as when the lead, Miguel TanFelix does all the shouting and commands when fighting the Boazanian invaders.

The Voltes V Legacy cast includes:

Miguel Tanfelix as Steve Armstrong, leader of the Voltes Team.
Radson Flores as Mark Gordon
Matt Lozano as Robert “Big Bert” Armstrong
Raphael Landicho as “Little Jon” Armstrong
Ysabel Ortega as Jamie Robinson
Martin del Rosario as Prince Zardoz
Liezel Lopez as Zandra
Epi Quizon as Zuhl
Carlo Gonzales as Draco
Gabby Eigenmann
Neil Ryan Sese as Dr. Hook

Voltes V Legacy Trailer

So what do you think of this new Voltes V Legacy still image? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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