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4 Browser Games to teach kids about Money and Saving Up

Money will always be an important thing to teach kids even at an early age. The challenge these days however is how to make it stick and catch their attention for the long haul. We certainly can’t have kids sit down and listen to us talk about money because that’s not how they learn these days. So the best approach is to expose them to child-friendly games that will teach them the value of saving up and the concept of saving money too.

You can check out these games online and the best thing about it is its FREE! In the meantime, here are 4 Browser Games to teach kids about Money and Saving Up

LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect 


This isn’t just your regular LEGO game. It actually encourages players to consider the spending of the LEGO City on top of designing the city itself. You play the role of Mayor Solomon Fleck who needs to balance tax earnings or tax revenues of the city to further develop it and build more infrastructures to benefit the citizens. This game has a high fun factor for me because you can also do tons of stuff like collect taxes from buildings, dig minipieces that you can use to build new buildings in different zones. You can also unlock a total of six zones in the game. And its fairly simple how to unlock those too, you just need to put 25 buildings in one zone for the next one to be available.

The Amazing World Of Gumball Tidy Up

This is a game from Cartoon Network’s popular series “Amazing World of Gumball” where it teaches kids the importance of cleaning and organizing, a skill that is very needed when doing business or running an organization. The game will let you play the role of Darwin who is tasked to clean the Watterson house while looking after Gumball who is deadset in ransacking and messing every clean room in the house. The game will require you to use a mouse to clean up dirty parts of several rooms per round. Clicking (or tapping) on the dirty part multiple times will clear the room and when you get all parts cleaned up an indicator will notify you that the job is complete. There’s also an element of time management where you get to extend the clock when you click on clock icons that randomly appear during the game.


Cash Back

Cash Back is definitely the game that you should have kids play when you want to teach them the concept of change. In this game you have to give people the right amount of change for their bills. Players are presented with various amounts of money that they can use to reach the exact amount of change to give customers. When the calculations are complete, just hit the “give change” button and then get ready for the next customer looking for change. You can also answer questions with different money problems for you to answer. Finally the game can be adjusted accordingly from Easy Mode to Hard mode. You can even toggle between getting hints throughout the game or not.


Idle Startup Tycoon

Idle Startup Tycoon focuses on you being a startup company owner and is an “idle game” where all you do is tap a few buttons here and there. In this game, you get to build a startup incubator housing or building with many different businesses. You can upgrade the programmers on each floor to make them faster. One of the goals you have to achieve is get a total of four programmers which you can get when you level up to level 25, level 50 and level 100. You can also hire a manager for the different businesses to make earning revenue more efficient. You can also upgrade the building and business with the money you earn. This will give your kids an idea of how startup works and how to run a small business.

So there you go. 4 Browser Games to teach kids about Money and Saving Up. Enjoy the games and be sure to stick around to provide an additional support for information for your kids.

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