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Voltes V Legacy teases Octo-1’s appearance this week

The official Voltes V Legacy social media accounts has officially teased the appearance of Octo-1 for this week’s slew of episodes which will air at GMA-7 and on Youtube and other platforms.

voltes v legacy octo-1

Octo-1 is the little octopus robot created by Little John Armstrong and becomes a constant companion for the young Voltes Team pilot. I remember Octo-1 figuring prominently in an episode of the original anime series where Little John gets trapped at sea and a Boazanian Beast Fighter that operates primarily in the ocean.

But take note, this isn’t the first time we see Octo-1. Before the series premiered on free TV, the VVL socmed already showed us a full look at Octo-1.

voltes v legacy octo-1


That’s pretty cool CGI if you ask me. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more geek news and updates!

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