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Epic Games teases Ghost Rider on Fortnite

After the in-canon crossover between the Marvel Universe and the world of Fortnite, Epic Games has begun teasing yet another Marvel character set to appear in the game and that’s Ghost Rider. That’s right Ghost Rider on Fortnite is happening soon.

That was the most recent post from the Fortnite Twitter page but below you can see how they started to hype up the rider’s appearance.

The silhouette barely does anything to cover the identity of this new character because its pretty obvious with the bald head and the studded jacket and belt, it’s clearly Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance. Below you’ll find the actual tweet from the Fortnite Twitter account.


Check out the recent post:

So it also looks like the Ghost Rider who will be appearing in Fortnite would be the OG Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze. There are three popular riders in the Marvel Universe though namely the aforementioned Blaze, his younger brother and 90’s Ghost Rider icon Danny Ketch and the current rider who is also part of the Avengers, Robbie Reyes.

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