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Hasbro Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme Nighthawk and Blur figures revealed

Hasbro has revealed their next Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme Nighthawk and Blur action figures which will be on pre-order soon.

We already saw pre-orders go up for the Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum figures a few months ago. Remember them?

Now check out some of the glam shots for this 2-pack from Hasbro which will be available also via the Hasbro Pulse website very soon.

And in case you’re not familiar with these two, they are the Batman and The Flash version of the Squadron Supreme who are also pastiches or a parody of the Justice League in Marvel’s multiverse. They recently got a big push in Jason Aaron’s Avengers run where they served as the USA’s superhero team as opposed to the Avengers who have become a global superteam instead. They even topbilled a miniseries titled “Heroes Reborn” where we see the Avengers never existing in a world reshaped and recreated by Mephisto through the help of Phil Coulson who has also become a bad guy in the story.

I dunno about you but that whole body they used for the Squadron Supreme’s Blur reminds me of those yellow costumed Wolverine figures; maybe they repurposed that figure as the main mold then made a huge splash in the art department and sculpting.

Will you be getting the Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme Nighthawk and Blur pack? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more geek news and updates!

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