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Jason Fabok Shares Three Jokers Art, Confirms Jokers from Different Eras

Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s upcoming Three Jokers miniseries starring Batman and the Bat-Family gets some surprising new stuff to hype it up a bit including looks at the three Jokers that has tormented Batman’s life and even Batman himself.

Here’s a closer look at these character studies.



Red Hood/ Jason Todd

We also have a look at the three Jokers who apparently are Jokers from different eras (or tragedies in Batman’s life).

three jokers by Jason Fabok

Three Jokers by Jason Fabok

There’s the Joker from The Killing Joke

Killing Joke Joker - Three Jokers

DC Comics

There’s the classic Joker we all know…

classic Joker - Three Jokers

DC Comics

And there’s the first appearance Joker who may have killed Jason Todd

Classic Joker - Three Jokers

DC Comics

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