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Hasbro Marvel Legends Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum 2-pack glam shots

Here’s a look at some of the official images for the upcoming Hasbro Marvel Legends Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum 2-pack which is now on pre-order online!

So it looks like Marvel and Hasbro are giving us Marvel fans new characters that’s getting turned into a toy. They have been doing a lot of characters as of late and I’m mildly surprised they only did Squadron Supreme just now.

It looks like we’ll be getting the first two for this team to collect and that’s their “Superman” and “Green Lantern” pastiche – Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum.

Hyperion’s schtick is that he’s the Superman of the SS. He’s super strong, super fast and all that. In fact in Jason Aarons’ Heroes Reborn story, Hyperion’s strong enough that he effectively became a bullet to the head of an invading Galactus.

As for Doctor Spectrum…

He’s another Green Lantern character who also works with the Squadron Supreme minus the ring. He derives his power from a crystal that also turns him crazy which is why in the books, characters often think that he’s talking to somebody unseen.

This 2-pack will go on pre-order around Spring of this year and is expected to retail at around $49.99 or around Php2,500 for collectors here in the Philippines.

So the next in the list could either be Nighthawk and Power Princess and the Whizzer but that could materialize next year at the least.

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