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Meet Storm’s Brotherhood Team in Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants # 1

Sins of Sinister continues with Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants # 1! Meet Storm’s Arakko team of mutants fighting against Mr Sinister in Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants # 1 by Al Ewing and Paco Medina

Also just need to point out the cool cover for issue 1 drawn by Leinil Francis Yu where we see Storm is wearing a costume similar to Magneto.


spoiler alert photo


So in this issue, we get to see what happened to the mutants of Arakko around the time of the Sinister Betrayal and how the world under Storm’s rule flourished until it was attacked by Sinister and his forces.

The story that was released during the destruction of Arakko is that it was the Skrulls that attacked and they used augmented soldiers which fits their MO. But in reality, Storm and the Arakko mutants knew that this was Sinister’s first generation Chimera; mutants genetically modified with two or more mutant powers.

When Arakko fell, Storm and a handful of the new “Brotherhood” hid in the debris until Destiny made her appearance. Then it was revealed that it was actually Mystique coming in with some information that can take down Sinister and that would be the Moira McTaggert clones he hid that he uses as a save point and can reset at any given time. Mystique convinces Storm that they can end this war if they join forces and attack Sinister’s base in Miur Island, which introduces us to Storm’s version of Magneto’s long standing team.

And I have to say this could have been a promising team if not for the fact that we’ll be scratching them when the timeline is reset at the end of the Sins of Sinister storyline.

It’s evident that Al Ewing continues to show his love for Wiz-Kid as he’s managed to survive up to this point. Ironfire is an interesting character too, hope he sticks around by the end.

Unfortunately for this team, the mission goes sideways and something happens to Storm and all this was just a setup for Destiny and a surprise character.

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