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Bishop: War College # 1 introduces Black Cyclops and Jean Grey from an alternate reality

Bishop: War College # 1 ends in a rather interesting way with Bishop being transported to an alternate reality where the X-Men are black and still living in the Westchester School aka the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters!

Spoiler alert for Bishop: War College # 1 by J. Holtham and artist Sean Damien Hill.

spoiler alert photo

In this issue, Lucas Bishop takes the students of his War College into an underground part of the mutant nation of Krakoa where they will continue training. Unfortunately for them, they also stumble upon the Fenris Twins aka Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker who have been sneaking underground while up to no good.

Tempo and Bishop try to protect the students including Surge and Armor but is suddenly zapped out of existence. Meanwhile, the students find out that they are powerless and facing death at the hands of the Struckers.

As for Bishop, he wakes up in a familiar place. The outside of the Xavier School in New York City. He is then approached by a familiar yet different Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Mildly interesting book. I wanted to see more action and somebody reminding us and Bishop as well that he was a genocidal maniac around the time that Hope Summers was born and even almost killed Cable.

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