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Tom Taylor brings Jon Kent to the world of Injustice in Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent Limited Series

It has been a while since Tom Taylor wrote anything related to the Injustice spinoff book but with his latest project Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent, readers will return to this world once more with Superboy Jon Kent as he stops Ultraman from killing other versions of Superman in the multiverse.

The Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent series will be a six issue limited series with Taylor writing and Clayton Henry for art.

Check out the covers for the series’ first and second issues:


In this new story, Jon Kent is out to stop Ultraman who is going around the multiverse killing other versions of Jon Kent’s father, Superman at the request of Val-Zod and a suprise character Taylor doesn’t want to reveal just yet. And since he’s chasing Ultraman he is set to go around the Multiverse which includes the Injustice universe.

Taylor was originally hired to write 15 chapters for the Injustice storyline but that spun to around 150 chapters as well as a bunch of spinoffs. So this new adventure is sort of going to be a homecoming.

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent is scheduled for release March 2023! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more geek news and updates!


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