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MANILA Comic Odyssey’s “#SuitsForHeroes” initiative has reached its final stage. Following a donation drive at the Suits For Heroes website, fans are now invited to bid on high-quality, prints of the campaign’s distinctive art pieces in a blind online auction. From August 1-7, those interested may visit the site and place their bids, with the highest bid for each winning the print. Each print will be rendered on 12×18” board paper, and autographed by the artist who created it.

suits for heroes postcards

The internationally-recognized Filipino comic legends who contributed their time and talents are Whilce Portacio (X-Men), Leinil Yu (X-Men, Superman: Birthright), Stephen Segovia (Joker/Harley, Hellions), Kajo Baldisimo (Trese, Buffy), Mico Suayan (Batman, Bloodshot), and Harvey Tolibao (Green Arrow, Green Lantern) with Levy Ramirez (Deathstroke) on colors.

In addition to the six prints, the highlight of the collection is the original artwork of Suayan, who forewent digital media to create a physical painting for his piece.

Spearheaded by Comic Odyssey, in association with fellow comic retailers Filbar’s and Planet X, and in partnership with Wunderman Thompson Philippines, proceeds from #SuitsForHeroes will benefit the PPE-purchasing operations of Frontliner Feeders Philippines, Kaya Natin, and Philippine General Hospital Medical Foundation Incorporated.

To view the artwork or place a bid, you may visit bit.ly/suitsforheroesauction. The auction runs from August 1-7. For more information, please visit SuitsForHeroes.com or follow @comicodyssey on social media.

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