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Norman Osborn ends the Secret Invasion by ending Queen Veranke

In the closing moments of the battle between the Marvel heroes and villains against the invading Skrull forces in Marvel’s Secret Invasion, an unlikely figure emerges as the big winner with massive effects for the books for the next few years and thats Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn.

Osborn landing the killing blow on Skrull queen Queen Veranke, with media covering the killshot, he effectively made sure that the bad guys win for the duration.

Before this happened though, it seems like it would either Wolverine or Ronin aka Clint Barton would land the blow that would end the invasion.

If you check the Marvel Studios version of Secret Invasion, its Nick Fury trying to stop a Skrull invasion from happening and in the trailer he even says that he has one fight left in him before wearing his signature trench coat.

Dark Reign & Siege

Osborn did a lot of stuff during Marvel’s Dark Reign from killing a number of heroes, to hunting the good guys to making the Dark Avengers. He’s also taken in the initiative of becoming the first Iron Patriot when he formed the Dark Avengers.

Still nobody knew that he was going to be a big threat and a major player before and during Secret Invasion and it was a big story beat that was well kept online with little to no spoilers leaking online before the release of Secret Invasion # 8. 

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