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Synch and Wolverine are finally reunited – X-Men # 17 Spoilers

After that tragic ending to their love story inside the Vault, Synch and Wolverine aka Laura Kinney are finally reunited in the pages of X-Men # 17 by Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara!

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

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In the last issue, Forge was sent to save Darwin inside the Vault which was based on the report that Synch made before he “died” and got resurrected in Krakoa. To him, Darwin was captured and X-23 was killed. And this was the intel that Charles Xavier worked on with Forge. By the end of X-Men # 16, Forge has made it inside the Vault and is surprised to find Laura Kinney alive and in suspended animation with no sign of Darwin.

Now after one complication after another, Forge and Caliban still finish a rescue mission but their intended target has been altered mid-mission. Now its up to Forge to get Laura out of the Vault.

Meanwhile Jean Grey contacts their teammate Synch who opted to stay behind in New York to monitor things while the rest of the new team venture into South America for Forge’s mission.

When Synch arrives in the area, he is concerned about what happened to his teammates including Havok. Iceman tells Synch that it’s not always about death, sometimes gatherings and small talks are for returning teammates.

And that’s when Scott and Jean show “Alpha Wolverine” aka the Laura Kinney they sent to the Vault; and the one Synch spent an entire lifetime with inside the Vault.

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