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Pamasahe Review – Azi Acosta, Mark Anthony Fernandez (Vivamax)

Here’s my Pamasahe review which will start streaming December 9 on Vivamax. It stars Azi Acosta and Mark Anthony Fernandez and more and directed by Roman Perez Jr!

The film follows the life of Lineth (Acosta) who is set on going to Manila from Visayas to look for her husband (Felix Rocco) after a typhoon devastated their home. She goes through hell during her sojourn eventually landing on a bus bound for her husband’s work area while meeting Rod (Mark Anthony Fernandez) whom she shares her life and experiences.

Fresh-faced Acosta as Lineth is promising here. She needs more experience but her talents at the time of the filming of Pamasahe is already pretty good. She needs a bit more when it comes to drama but as it stands she’s good. And I can tell you she can nail the psychopath role quite well. Let’s see if Viva would give her more projects like this.

Not a fan of Mark Anthony Fernandez but his portrayal as Rod is surprisingly good. The dude met the wrong person at the wrong time but that’s the beauty of the film; it’s tragic and seems like it will continue for the long run. By the end of the film you’ll feel sorry for the guy.

Pamasahe also touches (and not dives) into the problematic situation of women stowaways and the fate that befalls on them. Perez does show viewers what often happens to these women stowaways, a harsh reality. Having work experience for a maritime company I know the stories and the cruel punishment or fate that are doled out to them. Then there’s also the continued flesh trade happening between ports. If you are looking for a more serious take with some possible solutions, it’s not here. The situation did make for some convenient sex scenes.

Most of Lineth’s motivations are unclear which makes for an interesting premise and at the same time leaves some plot holes open. Without spoiling anything, it’s safe to say that Lineth isn’t what she appears to be. There’s something darker and sinister with her and makes for good viewing.

The rest of the cast were OK here.

I do have to give you trigger warnings here for sexual content and S.A.; if you’re uncomfortable with this sort of content then “Pamasahe” is definitely not for you.

In a press conference after the screening, director Roman Perez Jr also stated that he was indeed enjoying this genre he’s currently doing for VivaMax, which he fondly refers to as “Babae at Baril” and in this film, he’s upping his game giving bigger twists (although you kind of get to piece it together before the credits roll).

Lastly, much props to the cinematography for the film.

Pamasahe starts streaming December 9 on Vivamax!

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