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Riot Games’ Valorant introduces Swiftplay via Swiftplay Beta

Valorant is set to introduce a new gameplay feature called Swiftplay which begins with their recent patch called Swiftplay Beta!

Swiftplay is defined by Riot Games as a “condensed version of Valorant’s standard 5v5 Unrated Spike mode”. In this gameplay mode, the first team to win 5 rounds will be considered the winner with a “4 round half, modified econ and bonus structure, as well as a sudden death overtime.”.

Valorant players can also expect enhanced economy, ability to buy weapons/equipment during a buy phase, and plays on all current Unrated maps during Swiftplay Beta.

According to Riot Games, the goal of this mode (which is also often requested by players in the community) is to cater to players who have lower time commitment or get as many reps in during this small time frame.

Swiftplay Beta is currently live, starting December 6 as part of Valorant patch 5.12. When the beta phase is through you can expect Swiftplay to be an active gameplay featuring in upcoming patches for the FPS game.

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