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Marvel Legends Gambit in yellow and blue costume announced (Uncanny X-Men #275)

Another Marvel Legends Gambit has been announced by Hasbro as part of the 20th anniversary of the Marvel Legends line and this time we’re getting a Marvel Legends Gambit in yellow and blue costume just like how we saw him in Uncanny X-Men # 275!


Check out more photos of this new Gambit figure after the cut.


What really wants me to pre-order this from local toy sellers would have to be that cute little bag he has as well as those cool looking hands with different uses and plasma effect.

And I have to say it looks nice although I don’t wish that Hasbro get any bright idea and sell us collectors the same body moldy with different faces because that’s what pretty much happened with Uncanny X-Men # 275 with a group of X-Men brought to outer space to help out their allies known as the Shiar.

This would be the third Gambit figure that Hasbro has released with the other two being the 90s Gambit figure…

And then the retro carded Gambit

Still I’m pretty happy with the recent announcements of X-Men action figures whether its the Sentinel Funko Jumbo Pop with Wolverine or the  Marvel Select Iceman or the Marvel Legends X-Men Villains set which also includes Stryfe!

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