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Beginner’s Guide to Editing YouTube Videos

Nowadays, you will find that more and more marketers and businesses are using YouTube videos for marketing their products and services. That’s because YouTube boasts billions of active viewers, which means the videos available on this platform are likely to be viewed by many individuals.

But it’s not easy to create videos for YouTube. There’s a lot that goes into the process. Much more than making a video, it is the editing part that exhausts the video-making professionals. And if the editing is not done right, it can make the video appear incomplete, which means reduced views for the same.

You need to edit the cuts to match the right frame and even weave the shots together, so your videos get fine-tuned before being uploaded. And all this within a limited budget! This is because there are a plethora of free online video editing tools available in the market.

Now let’s have a look at some of the most important steps that go into editing YouTube videos:

Get the Right Video Editing Tool

For those who would like to do something more than simply trimming and splitting videos, it is essential to go for a professional quality YouTube video editor like InVideo. Before getting started, though, it is crucial to understand the basic procedures, tools, and editing elements.

Modern-day digital free video editors are generally composed of libraries, preview windows, tools, and timelines. The preview window is available to show the playback of the video, and the timeline is where the users can arrange all the media files.

Then there’s the library containing different media elements, including audio files, images, and videos. The video editors also come with some of the most basic editing filters and effects for modifying the audio, clips, and titles.

It is essential for YouTube creators to get one of the best video editing tools for creating attractive YouTube visuals. Have your hands on the right editor, and the entire task of editing a video will not just get easy for you but even fun-filled and entertaining.

It also includes exciting things for content creators. Youtube fanfest is one of them. It helps to grow their community and know them better.

Be Careful in Choosing SEO Keywords

Remember, people on YouTube will use relevant keywords for searching and getting the content they want. If you want your visual content to stand out from the others, make sure it is entertaining and as per the search criteria of the viewers on YouTube.

For this, you will have to conduct thorough research on the best ways of framing titles, descriptions, tags, and file names. When you use the right and the most relevant keywords, it will help your content in ranking higher on the search engine result pages. This, in turn, will help your products and services reach more viewers on YouTube.

Start with the Editing

Regardless of the editing tool you choose, it will be very simple and easy to weave the shots together into one top-quality video. Of course, the goal of this process is to create a seamless and professional quality video that narrates your brand story perfectly.

The majority of the editing programs provide a timeline view where you can drop all the individual shots. Each of the shots will be separate video files, and you will have to add all the video files to the timeline of the master video.

With an editing tool handy, you also get the option of moving all your footage around, trimming or shortening the individual shots, and deleting the shots that are not working for you.

You can even add transitions between the shots like fades to give them a professional appearance when they are finally produced.

A Call to Action is a Must

Placing a good quality and catchy call to action just after the best part of your video is crucial if you want the viewers to be directed to your page. The right CTA will make it 10 times more likely for the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

But make sure to prompt them to do so only after the funniest or the most valuable scene in your video instead of the end or after a weak scene. So, you need to get out of the old myth of placing CTAs at the end of the content.

No, absolutely not! Placing the CTA at the end will make the whole content boring, and the viewers will not be excited about doing what they are directed to do.

Create the Most Engaging Thumbnails for All Your Videos

This is important because thumbnails are the first thing the viewers see even before they start watching a video. Therefore, they are the first chance of capturing the attention and drawing in the audience’s interest.

The thumbnails you choose can be the screenshots of certain moments from the video or text-based titles. But make sure they are exciting enough to leave the audience intrigued and looking for more.

Also, The Youtube update rolled out for youtube in time can check this. This update helps you the better understanding of youtube video editor and photo slideshows options

Do Not Forget to Add Graphics, Texts, and Other Important Special Effects

Enhance your video with different special effects. For instance, if you are a business looking to add your website URL or contact number to the content, you can simply do so by superimposing text on screen.

With the majority of the video editing tools online, you can achieve this by adding a text layer to the content at specific points. However, make it a point to do this, especially at the beginning or end of the video.

You even have the option of superimposing graphics and pictures for showing product packages. Various others worthy of including special effects are the soft-focus, sepia tone, and split-screen.

You can also add the right background music, either provided by the tool’s library or your own. There is no need for you to be a pro when it comes to adding different special effects.

The majority of the programs have guides that help the users use these functionalities step-by-step.


Try keeping everything simple and concise when editing your YouTube videos. Just a few simple and primary steps to follow, and you are done editing your YouTube video. Remember, you need to know the right way of editing videos, just as it is to create interactive and impressive videos.

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