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YouTube Ending Youtube Video Editor and Photo Slideshows Options this September

Youtube will officially remove the YouTube video editor as well as the photo slideshow option starting September 20, 2017.

According to the recent announcements, Youtube video editor itself will disappear on that date but Youtubers and casual users can still use the Enhancement features through Video Manager. Uploaded videos can still be trimmed, blurred or even get filters. But you can no longer mix and match clips the way the very handy video editor can do.

Unpublished projects for photo slideshow and video editor will still be around in your account until Sept. 20; beyond that, it won’t be available anymore. The video platform urges users to publish all those projects as soon as possible.

Here’s a screenshot of the announcement:

Credits: Google


I’ll definitely miss this feature from YouTube. This for me was what made YouTube the superior video platform. But I guess, Google needs to cut away stuff in order to maximize what they can do on the desktop version. Who knows, the search engine juggernaut may even have something better waiting in the wings.

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