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Livescream Review – Elijah Canlas, Phoebe Walker, Kat Dovey (November 9)

Here’s my Livescream review which will be hitting VivaMax Plus starting November 9! Film stars Elijah Canlas, Phoebe Walker and Kat Dovey and directed by Perci Intalan!

Here’s the gist of the film:

A young Youtuber / influencer named Exo (Canlas) gets kidnapped and wakes up in a room with all sorts of holes. He is forced to play the game deviced by the mysterious “Mr. Nice” because he has also abducted Exo’s girlfriend and YT partner Amanda (Phoebe Walker).

Here are my thoughts on the film:

  • Beware of cringey dialogue; some of them are made intentionally others were just really awful to listen to.
  • The film succeeds in being tonally creepy and gory; actually not much on the gore but more on the creepy.
  • Honestly the love scenes here seemed forced and out of place. If they did a more PG version of the opening scene then that would have worked well. Had those intimate scenes played heavier into the movie then it could have really messed up everything for the main character but alas, everything is just implied.
  • I have to issue a trigger warning for sexual abuse and gore here. If you’re squeamish with this kind of content then you better get ready.
  • Phoebe Walker and Elijah Canlas’ acting here was good; pretty promising actually. Canlas carried the weight of the movie as he’s the central character. Props to him for showing some skin here and being able to do the more creepy and gory scenes.
  • Kat Dovey was just OK. She didn’t get a lot of material to work with outside a number of dialogues and some sexy scenes. Wish they could have given her more but with what she’s given its OK.

There are two important things that makes the film rate OK for me.

One – Livescream has a nice premise with a nice mix of “Saw” and an episode of “Black Mirror”. Dude was an a-hole and somebody sets him up to fall and get some dirt on him. The execution was ok and the build-up was a predictable but serviceable.

Two – Livescream also gives us something to ponder about whether as content creators or just social media users. How we tolerate things like prank videos (which by the way is already a dead genre for contents) and how we react. Livescream will at least gives us various sides to the same question. What do people feel about pranksters and content creators/ influencers, how do they feel about themselves when the cameras are off or when nobody’s looking. Should we throw hateful things to people that piss us off online? How will they take that.

Pretty good merits to discuss and that’s something Intalan and the cast manage to successfully pull out of the dark in my opinion anyway.

SCORE: 7/10

Don’t forget to catch Livescream when it hits Vivamax Plus this 9th of November! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more geek news and updates!

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