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LIVESCREAM Streams on Vivamax Plus Starting November 9

Live streaming has become a source of income for a lot of people.  Sometimes, the most outrageous contents get the most views, and the social media engagement skyrockets. “LIVESCREAM”, a film by prolific director Perci Intalan (“Unforgettable,” “Distance,” “Dementia”), tells the story of an online influencer named Exo who has gone a bit too far with his prank videos, prompting netizens to cancel him.

One day, he wakes up in a cell, with no idea how he got there.  At first, he thinks it’s just a prank set up by his girlfriend.  But things take a serious turn when a mysterious figure gives him instructions to use a “torture wall” or else his girlfriend and his grandmother will suffer.

Exo now loses all control of the situation and he’s in for all kinds of physical, sexual, and mental abuse – all streamed live!

Director Perci shares that the “torture wall” where Exo is forced to insert his body parts was inspired by an old Audrey Hepburn movie, “Roman Holiday.”  He says, “There is a scene there where she dares Gregory Peck to put his hand in the ‘Boca de la Verita,’ the Mouth of Truth, which is essentially a hole carved into a wall.”

“The movie is a romantic comedy but they played up a lot of suspense in that scene.  From there, we then explored the idea of putting any part of your body thru a hole in the wall — and of course, another good source of inspiration is BDSM and sex fantasy.  I noticed people recognize the idea of a ‘Glory Hole’ even without us referring to it as such.”

The role of Exo was given to award-winning actor Elijah Canlas (Best Actor at the Gawad Urian, FAMAS, Asian Film Festival, Asian Film Festival Rome, and Harlem International Film Festival) because “he can deliver the range of emotions needed to carry the story forward,” director Perci continues.

Although Elijah says he would “fight tooth and nail” when it comes to his family, and would sometimes play harmless pranks, he is proud to say that he is not like Exo who “can really be selfish, ruthless in hurting people with his prank videos, and also a social climber.” But he also adds, “But that’s because he’s the breadwinner for his grandmother.”

This is the first time for Elijah to star in a horror film, and he had so much fun making it.  He says, “The horror/thriller genre is one of the most creative genres. The best ones always have the most unique concepts… We just went crazy with it (LIVESCREAM). It has this fresh way of telling a familiar concept and I’m so proud of that. LIVESCREAM really brings a new sense of freshness and fun to Filipino horror. With memorable scares too! You’d know what I mean when you watch it.”

As for the challenges he experienced during filming, Elijah shares, “I was just the lone actor through most of the film’s shoot. Had to be physically and mentally prepared for it. I was topless and barefoot for most of the film, too. Covered in fake blood and dirt everyday. Had an accident during one of the stunts. But what’s most memorable is the fact that I had a ton of ‘niknik’ bites. Grabe yung mga sand mites na yun. My body was so red and so itchy. You have no idea. Couldn’t sleep at some point during the lock-in. Nahirapan na rin huminga at times dahil umabot na siya sa leeg ko. It was wild!”

“LIVESCREAM” also stars MMFF Best Supporting Actress Phoebe Walker (“Seklusyon”) as Amanda, Exo’s girlfriend.  New actress Kat Dovey plays another online influencer, Raiza, who was chosen from the audition because “she captured the character’s playful but rather cold-hearted persona,” says director Perci.

You may stream “LIVESCREAM” on demand starting November 9 on Vivamax Plus.

Vivamax Plus is the pay-per-view service of Vivamax. To access Vivamax Plus, you need to have an active Vivamax subscription.

Go to web.vivamax.net or download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, App Store, or Huawei App Gallery.


For payment thru website, you may choose from EC Pay, 7 Eleven, All Day, All Day, Pay Mongo, GrabPay, GCash, or PayMaya.  For payment thru app, you may choose from Globe, Smart, GCash, Paypal, Visa, or Mastercard.  For e-commerce payments, you may choose from Lazada, Comworks, Clickstore, or Paymaya.  For payment through authorized outlets, you may choose from Load Manna, Comworks, Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Express, and Load Central.  VivaMax’s cable partners are SkyCable, Cable Link, Wesfardell Connect, Fiber, BCTVI, Cebu Cable, Zenergy HD, Cotabato Cable Television Network Corporation, and Concepcion Pay TV Network, Inc.

In UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, Vivamax can be accessed for only AED35/month.

In Europe, Vivamax can be enjoyed for only 8 GBP/month. Vivamax is also available in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Brunei, Macao, Vietnam, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada.

Indeed, Vivamax is not stopping to entertain more people across the globe! Vivamax, atin ‘to!

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