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So Connected Review

So Connected review. Now Showing from Regal films and stars Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake.

So Connected follows the lives of Abby Tricia and Karter as they wade through their lives touched negatively by social media.

The movie, directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, has a good dose of social relevance, kilig and a workable plot. Writing can be a stretch from time to time but you got to hand it to the production team for making it as believable as possible.

There’s a nice plot twist for both characters that ties in directly into social relevance. What those are you have to watch the movie to find out.

Janella Salvador’s acting here has improved. Serviceable for romcom standards but you’ll know she can hone it further and further.

Jameson Blake looks good on screen. He’s a great palatte cleanser from Elmo Magalona and Janella pairing. There’s also the fact that he’s medyo convincing as a Youtube host.

Two things gets me narrative wise in this movie. One is the fact that they make traveling from Manila to Pampanga such a breeze, its like Karter here has a waypoint and access to some fast travel options. So yeah, time is a bitch in this movie. You can almost say that he has the time stone.

Second thing that gets me is the uber levels of stalking. Yes, stalking is bad and Karter clearly did that. So he got away with it because he’s pogi but what if he looked… Average? Would the guy still get the girl if that were the case? And while there were implied ramifications of his actions, it didnt feel heavy. I know they wanted to delve into this pero time constraints.

Aside from those jarring faults I noticed, there’s still more positive things you can pick up. Like being able to move past perceived cyber bashing, finding the strength to move past fears and taking a gamble when it comes to love.

So Connected Review – Verdict

8/10 – recommended

Props for tying it to socially relevant stuff, fresh pairing, great cinematography here and there, has one of the better and grounded portrayal of technology and digital business.

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