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The Walking Dead and Supernatural star Jeffrey Dean Morgan joining The Boys Season 4

Today news broke that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been added to the cast of The Boys Season 4 as an undisclosed character.

It seems like this casting and addition to the Amazon series has already been in the works for a long time. But its only now that things lined up properly. Morgan has already admitted in past interviews where he admits that he is a big fan of the R-Rated superhero drama.

Plus he is also friends with a number of people involved in the show namely his “son” in Supernatural, Jensen Ackles who plays Homelander’s dad, Soldier Boy.

And then there’s also Eric Kripke himself who worked with Morgan during his time in Supernatural.

Sadly, its also looking like Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s time in the show is limited with reports suggesting that his appearance would be as a guest starring role. The Boys season 4 is currently on production and some of the cast posted their own throwback to their first time to suit up in The Boys season 1.

Morgan has had a bunch of comic book roles in his career namely his Thomas Wayne from Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman…

Negan from The Walking Dead

The Comedian aka Edward Blake from Watchmen

As well as the character Clay from the film The Losers

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