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New Justice Society of America title announced with Geoff Johns and Mikel Janin

DC Comics has announced a new ongoing Justice Society of America with writer Geoff Johns and artist Mikel Janin.

Check out the covers for Justice Society of America # 1 below.


It also looks like Earth-2 Helena Wayne is officially joining the team as she’s joining her “uncles” in the JSA.

Geoff Johns writes:

“There will be familiar faces re-joining the team, like Jay Garrick and Alan Scott, as well as long-lost members returning, like Beth Chapel and Yolanda Montez, and a new Golden Age legacy hero first hinted at in the end of Flashpoint Beyond. Mikel Janín is doing the work of his career on this.”



The team was present and operating before Flashpoint and the New 52 but disappeared when the DC Universe was reset. The first sign that they were “misplaced” in the current continuity was Jay Garrick appearing in “The Button” storyline which was a crossover between The Flash and Batman.

Garrick was taken back to his “prison” and then in Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

Since then they were back but we haven’t really seen the team in action nor did they get their own book since Doomsday Clock.

I’m totally excited for this. I also remember Johns’ last JSA run which was so fun and so full of new and old character. They even had Kingdom Come Superman as part of their roster for a little bit before he went back to his proper timeline.

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