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Bullet Train Review

Here’s our Bullet Train review which was screened and written by our collaborator Vinni Misa! It opens August 10 from Columbia Pictures Philippines starring Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock and more!

Our current cinematic era has been populated by established IP’s, which is why it’s always refreshing to see a popcorn flick with unique premises. Bullet Train is based on the Japanese novel Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka. It is the latest action film from director David Leitch, who’s best known for his balls to the wall approach to action, with instant classics such as John Wick, Atomic Blonde, and Deadpool 2. It stars Brad Pitt as veteran hitman Ladybug, whose recent streak of bad luck has him questioning his profession of choice. Joining Pitt is an ensemble cast of charismatic actors such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King, Andrew Koji, Bad Bunny, Sandra Bullock and Hiroyuki Sanada to name a few.

The film benefits from its breakneck pacing, keeping the audience entertained with both its action scenes and its mystery plot. The mystery can get confusing at times for casual audiences, but it shouldn’t be a big deal as it doesn’t ruin the cinematic experience. With his humorous and physical performance in this film, Brad Pitt makes a fine addition to Hollywood’s well aged action Boomers such as Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise. Still, all members of the cast are equally charming in this film, regardless of screentime. The duo of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry’s Cockney assassins make for some of the most memorable dialogue exchanges in the film. Veteran Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada commands the frame in every scene he’s in. As if his Wrestlemania 38 match put him in any doubt, Bad Bunny’s fight scenes are one to look out for as he shows off his athletic moves once again. Like with Leitch’s prior efforts, the soundtrack adds charm to of its scenes, often adding to its comedic punch.

The film is high octane, engaging and fun to watch. Brad Pitt does take the certain stage here but the cast are no pushovers here particularly Lemon and Tangerine played by Brian Tyree Hill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The story was lifted off an Japanese film (because only Japan can give us such as crazy premise and work extremely well).

Bullet Train is a film that must be watched in the cinema as it will give you both a thrillride and a laughtrip.

I’m scoring this film a 9/10.

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