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DC Super Heroes Cafe Introduces New Shazam Menu for April

DC Super Heroes Cafe invited a select group of fans and friends to try out their new lineup of dishes in line with the release of Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics’ Shazam.

The event was held March 22 at the DC Cafe in SM Megamall. A couple of Blogger friends as well as geek friends were also present to witness the introduction of these new dishes.

Of course Justice PH and cosplayers Prince De Guzman was also present to make the event more Shazam-y.

We were all gathered of course to try out the new dishes and offerings from DC Cafe. The actual reveal for the new menu was something everybody was excited to see, partly because when we all got there, it was just the menu cover that was presented.

So what’s up with the menu? Apparently, just like in the movie, there are seven items that make up the entire Shazam lineup of dishes ranging from apettizers to desserts.

Here’s a closer look at the new items on the menu.

Wisdom of Solomon – 340

DC cafe Shazam wisdom of solomon

Wisdom of Solomon kebab

This was really good with the sauce and such. The meat was cooked really well.

Strength of Hercules – php780

DC Superheroes cafe Shazam strength of Hercules meal

Strength of Hercules

Man oh man. This one I loved to bits. I want more….

Stamina of Atlas – 180

Stamina of Achilles DC cafe

Stamina of Atlas

Power of Zeus – php380

Power of zeus DC cafe megamall

Power of zeus DC cafe megamall

Courage of Achilles – php490

Courage of Achilles DC cafe sm megamall

Courage of Achilles meal at DC Cafe Megamall

Speed of Mercury – php280

Ain’t gonna lie, they were good. Some however exceeded being good. They were supreme. Again, I loved the ribs they serve in DC Cafe. Always was the best themed ribs in the metro.

These dishes are available starting next week at the SM Megamall’S 4th Level (Fashion Hall).

And don’t forget to catch Shazam starring Zachary Levi, Asher Angel and Mark Strong which opens April 3 from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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