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Here’s my Scorpio Nights 3 review which is now streaming on Vivamax. The film stars Christine Bermas, Gold Aceron, Mark Anthony Fernandez and more and is directed by Law Fajardo.


The film is said to be a “reimagining” of the original Scorpio Nights movie by the late Peque Gallaga and it does hold truth to it. Gone are the grainy VHS quality footage and the dated references and looks instead we get a modern story with the same voyeuristic elements we got from the first film. So its still a couple that moves into an apartment with a peeping tom of a neighbor (Aceron) living above them who gets to see every intimate details between Pinay (Bermas) and Drake (Fernandez).

There were some stuff that really didn’t belong or was out of place with the story like the opening which just featured a random threesome in red. There’s also the same old tired tactic of injecting the film with new sexy stars for the Viva Films roster who may or may not even get their break in the near future.

It’s 2/3 for me in terms of winners when it came to acting with Mark Anthony Fernandez and Christine Bermas. Gold Aceron looked like he was phoning it in and the only time you could “see” acting is in the love scenes. At least in the original and even Scorpio Nights 2 with Albert Martinez and Joyce Jimenez you can really see the acting and the emotions. Could be better honestly. With the limited amount of portions where she really gets to act, Bermas does shine.

To make it a more socially relevant film too just like the first one, the movie is also set during the drug war when people were killed left and right by armed men in motorcycles, something that one of the film’s main characters does for a living going against his wife’s wishes. Didn’t like the politics in here but it was timely.

More good points for the film.

Oh boy did they do a good job by changing the film’s final sequence replacing the moment of killing Pinay and Matt into just having Drake slump down from his injuries. The fate of the three characters are left open-ended for viewers to come to their own conclusion. They did not go with the more ickier part of the first movie’s ending which we don’t want to spoil or discuss at all. Here’s a link to the wikipedia to the first film in case you truly are curious…

Lastly if its just the sex scenes your after (I won’t judge) there’s a lot.

Also WTF is going on with those CGI blood splatters and gunshot wounds. That was hilariously bad


It’s a so-so installment to the film franchise. Bermas and Fernandez was good, the story could have been polished while hitting all the checklist of your “Scorpio Nights” film checkboxes. I look forward to seeing Viva vastly improve Christine Bermas because she could have done better if the material was great.


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